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"Goin' Underground" (One Eye Grey issue 5) May 2008

"Oliver" (Pen Pusher issue 11) November 2008

"Mad dogs and Englishmen" (Estronomicon progress issue) April 2009

"N381 (Detour)" (Pantechnicon issue 9) April 2009

"Dirty Charlie" (Delivered issue 21) June 2009

"Walking on Water" (One Eye grey issue 7) July 2009

"Sniper's Night" (Ghastlydoor.com Horror Short Story of the Week) January 2010

"Malarky's Conveyance" (Deadlines issue 3) February 2010

"The Man who wasn't there" (Ghastlydoor.com Horror Short Story of the Week) April 2010

"Borrowed Time" (bigpulp.com) May 2010

"Live Bait (An angler's lament)" (Encounters magazine issue 3) June 2010

"PDAs and baseball bats" (Delivered Magazine issue 26) September 2010

"Real Estate" (Out of the Gutter magazine issue 7) March 2011

"Berlin Sushi" (Dark Minds anthology) March 2011

"Concrete Voodoo"  (Ghastlydoor.com Horror Short Story of the Week) December 2011

"The Listening" (Darker Minds anthology) August 2012

"Wolf Skins" (The Western Online) August 2012

"Lock In" (Shotgun Honey Flashzine) November 2012

"Four Bullets to Leadville" (The Western Online) November 2012

"Habeus Corpus" (All Due Respect anthology) February 2013

"Hungry is the Dark" (For the Night is Dark anthology) April 2013

"The Far Rider" (The Western Online) June 2013

 "The Arroyo of the Worm" (The Big Adios website) September 2013

"Like Clockwork" (No Monsters Allowed anthology) October 2013

"A Merry Christmas in Hell" (The Big Adios website) December 2013

"Skewered; And Other London Cruelties" (kindle edition) February 2014

"The Tick-Tick Man" (Pulp Metal Magazine) May 2014

"The City of Waiting" (Shotgun Honey Flashzine) May 2014

"Skewered; And Other London Cruelties" (print edition) June 2014 

"Pennies for Charon" (kindle edition) November 2014

"Pennies for Charon" (print edition) April 2015

"Old Times" (Rogue anthology) April 2015

".357" (Spelk Fiction website) May 2015

"Going South to Meet the Devil" (Darkest Minds anthology) June 2015

"Jamal comes home" (Kitchen Sink Gothic anthology) July 2015

"Slaughter Beach" (kindle and print) October 2015

"Ride the Dark Country" (kindle and print editions)

"Mulligan's Idol" (Dark Frontiers Volume 1)

"The Appetite of Shadows" (Worlds of Strangeness issue 1) October 2016 

"The Devil's Brew" (kindle edition) November 2016

"The Devil's Brew" (print edition) April 2017

"Oil Is Thicker Than Blood" (Trapped Within anthology) June 2017

"Samson's Crossing" (Shotgun Honey website) July 2017 

"Exit Seraglio" (Close 2 the Bone website) December 2017 

"Flasher" (Close 2 the Bone website) May 2018