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Benedict J Jones

Benedict J Jones is a writer from south east London who mainly works in the crime, horror genres. 

His debut novel "Pennies for Charon" featuring three-time loser Charlie "Bars" Constantinou was released in late 2014. This followed up a collection featuring a novella and ten short stories entitled "Skewered; And Other London Cruelties". These were both released by Crime Wave Press. 

His first story was published in 2008 in 'One Eye Grey' since then he has been published in a multitude of genre magazines, websites and in several anthologies. His debut collection of crime fiction was "Skewered and Other London Cruelties" (Crime Wave Press) which was then followed up by several highly successful novels.

Since then his novellas "Slaughter Beach" (Dark Minds Press) and "Hell Ship" (The Sinister Horror Company) have been released along with a collection of western-horror stories, "Ride the Dark Country" (Dark Minds Press). 

 Together with Anthony Watson he writes the historical horror series The DAMOCLES Files.